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Seohyun - Instyle September 2014
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I used to be somebody who cared so much about what others were thinking of me, it became crippling. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, I wanted to be loved. I still struggle, but try not to pay mind to negativity anymore and just be myself. There are people who will never like me for whatever reason and I accept that. Everybody thinks differently. My heart is at ease now.
— Seohyun, Mental Boom School Guest Lecture (via seohyunquotebook)
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I want to carry on the stubbornness that Seo Juhyun drives at. Oh, and many people think I’m too much like a textbook, but I’m not. There are very carefree sides to me, too. Those are the slightly different sides of Seohyun and Seo Juhyun. I wish Seohyun would turn into Seo Juhyun a bit more. I think that’s what’s happening [now].
—Ceci, 2013 (via seohyunquotebook)
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perfect days.
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"seohan is more than just a crackship (as what others may call them) or a piaring with shippers. seohan is made up of two individuals having and lacking of so many things but still manage to stand out from the others"